Isolated Interval Running Exercises 1b and 2a

As discussed and detailed by Damian Roden in episode #36 of the podcast, below are isolated fitness exercises that are used to mimic 11v11 and 7v7.

If you have any questions about these exercises please send us a tweet, or post a comment on our website under this post.

Interval Running Exercise 1bInterval Running Exercise 2a

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4 thoughts on “Isolated Interval Running Exercises 1b and 2a”

  1. Josh, Brian,

    What are the rest rates for the 11v11 sets? Also how would you apply the higher acceleration phases to these exercises. I am a HS girls soccer coach at Boyertown HS, Boyertown, Pa.
    I am considering using these interval runs in place of our Cooper test which we have run for years. After religiously listening to your podcast and reading Raymond books and I did several of his online webinars I’m very interested in changing my philosophy in our training regiment .
    I am open minded to trying to implement the periodization methods to our training environment, just not sure exactly how we can make it work, with the demanding HS season? Do we concentrate more on Freshness/Recovery in season ? And focus on the periodization training in the off season? Any words of wisdom or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you both for the podcasts, they are very informative and I have learned alot from listening to these repeatedly. Keep up the great work and Thanks again for sharing these ideas thru your podcast.

    All the best,

    Billy Goddard
    Boyertown HS Girls soccer

    1. Hi Billy,

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for the delay. The rest rates for the 11v11 sets are 2 minutes between each. I would highly recommend focusing on freshness over fitness in season. Playing 3-4 games a week in high school is so much load that your training sessions should be focused on helping the players recover so they can play at a high tempo in the games. If you try to improve their fitness in season, you will end up making them more tired, which result in injuries, of course, but also a slower tempo of game play. Thank you for listening and for your comment.

      Hopefully this was of some help. If not, you can always e-mail Brian or I.

      Thank you!


  2. How many times (set) would you do the ISOLATED INTERVAL RUNNING EXERCISES 1B AND 2A. Also i would like to know and learn more about football sprints with max/min rest. Raymond Verheijen did give a couple examples, but i know if there are any other one i could do with the high school team i am coaching. I really like Raymond Verheijen concepts. I have been coaching for 21 years and i am always try to up my coaching level riasing the bar for myself and the players that i am coaching. ant help or insight you could provide would be much appreciated. Coach Egerer

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