Houston Dynamo vs Portland Timbers: Anatomy of a Goal

The Houston Dynamo employed a space oriented zonal marking defense and counter attacked into the half spaces to create a 1-0 lead in the first half against the Portland Timbers. Their space oriented marking took advantage of the Portland Timbers proclivity to deploy a short passing game and play passes into central areas. They used this to their advantage to create counter opportunities.


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1 thought on “Houston Dynamo vs Portland Timbers: Anatomy of a Goal”

  1. Houston did a great job overloading central channel with the two midfielder and the one forward. They formed a defensive triangle around the lone midfielder. What would you suggest Portland should’ve done? My theory would be to ask for more off the ball movement from my center midfielder. For example, one simple way would be for the CM to move away from the center and possibly drag one of two Houston players apart to create a disconnect from each other in the defensive line which could open up a passing lane. This would allow another midfielderto interchange with him to receive a pass to progress forward. Another option that could help would be to have wide midi’s pinch in to overload the center. What do you think?

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