Episode #21 – James Morton

Today we were joined by Dr. James Morton of Liverpool FC. Originally from Belfast, he has been based at Liverpool’s John Moores University for the last decade.
After completing a degree in Sports Science in 2003, he achieved a PhD in Exercise Metabolism and Sport Nutrition before being offered a role on the university’s staff, later becoming a senior lecturer in exercise metabolism and sport nutrition.
James’s responsibilities include liaising with the Reds’ medical staff and club chefs to ensure all meals are designed to provide the players with the best possible nourishment, making certain players are correctly hydrated and energy provision is optimal.
He also communicates with the players themselves to put individual strategies in place to meet the demands of training and matches in the season and determine if they need to be allocated specialist supplements. In the episode, we talk about nutrition for athletes, carbohydrate intake for soccer players, and much more! Enjoy!

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