Houston Dynamo vs Portland Timbers: Anatomy of a Goal

The Houston Dynamo employed a space oriented zonal marking defense and counter attacked into the half spaces to create a 1-0 lead in the first half against the Portland Timbers. Their space oriented marking took advantage of the Portland Timbers proclivity to deploy a short passing game and play passes into central areas. They used […]

FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake Tactical Analysis

A lot of people think that talking about tactics in MLS is the sign of a charlatan and that tactical elements actually don’t exist. While I think that MLS is definitely not the Tactical breeding ground of the next Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte, I still think there are things we can learn from an […]

Isolated Interval Running Exercises 1b and 2a

As discussed and detailed by Damian Roden in episode #36 of the podcast, below are isolated fitness exercises that are used to mimic 11v11 and 7v7. If you have any questions about these exercises please send us a tweet, or post a comment on our website under this post.