Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Philosophy of Defending

THEORY Objectivity, subjectivity, and the philosophy of defending June 19, 2017 Written by Joshua Faga I think, I feel, I believe… A pronoun and a verb that can only mean one thing: the person speaking is about to give you their opinion. I wish I had better news for all of us, but a belief […]

A brief look at Dortmund’s 1st half pressing vs Bayern

The 1st half of this game showcased Dortmund’s ability to disrupt build-up. While Tuchel and Dortmund are often lauded for their build-up capabilities, this game was a showcase of their ability to disrupt mighty Bayern’s build up. Of course, as the game went into the 2nd half, we saw Dortmund drop much deeper into their […]

Sampaoli’s Sevilla

Jorge Sampaoli has led a revolution in Sevilla. Their pressing, attacking intensity, and overall work-rate is admirable. No one expected anything less when the appointment was made. Their recent game against Barcelona, although it ended in defeat was arguably a first class masterclass.

Juventus FC: A Brief Analysis

The picture above gives a great snapshot into Juventus’ basic responsibilities and roles when disrupting the opponent’s build up. Every passing option is accounted for.

Athletic Bilbao: Pressing in a 1-4-2-2-2

  There has been a recent trend of teams pressing out of formations with multiple lines. These staggerings across multiple lines make it much more difficult for teams to play behind lines as there is constant access to pressure. If a team played a traditional 1-4-4-2 with flat lines and no staggerings, a through ball […]

How to Press like RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig has made a name for themselves in Germany, albeit not necessarily a good one. Owned by Red Bull owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, RB Leipzig has been ruffling feathers in Germany following their meteoric rise from the 5th division in 2009 to the Bundesliga in 2016. However, image aside and the fact that an energy […]