Episode #87 – Holly Silvers-Granelli

Holly Silvers-Granelli is a board certified Physical Therapist specializing in sports orthopaedic rehabilitation in Santa Monica, CA. She is a current member of the US Soccer Federation Men’s and Women’s National Medical Team, and a member of the FIFA F-Marc Medical Research Committee. She is the director of rehabilitation for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy. She is also the director of research at the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation with a primary focus on ACL prevention, articular cartilage injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports hernia prevention and head injury prevention in athletes.

One comment

  1. Loved this episode hearing Holly talk about her research in ACL injury prevention/reduction. I am working to start an official Strength and Conditiong/Injury Prevention program at my daughter’s club soccer team and would love to be able to email Holly with some follow up questions. Do you have her contact information. I’m a first time listener to your podcast and I’m hooked! Great information!


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