Juventus FC: A Brief Analysis


Juventus’ Basic disrupting build up shape in a 1-5-3-2 (semantically a 1-5-2-3)

The picture above gives a great snapshot into Juventus’ basic responsibilities and roles when disrupting the opponent’s build up. Every passing option is accounted for.


A closer look at their responsibilities in action during the run of play

Below are videos showcasing Juventus’ ability to defend in a low-block and then quickly transition through Gonzalo Higuain.



Their organization in the low block is what allows for winning the ball back and these quick transitions. Everyone completes their task and focuses on stepping and pressing when they need to.

However, a risk in playing this way is that man-marking is a very reactive defensive structure. You are constantly reacting to the movements of the attacker and when playing against special players, things like the image below can corrupt the entire system. Juve only allows these rarely and they recover with great intensity to decrease any potential damage.


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