DC Freedman: Campaign For Literacy


In a recent podcast episode, we interviewed Dan “DC” Freedman. DC spent years working for the FA where he got to spend personal time getting to know the in’s and out’s of top level football. He traveled to the 2002 World Cup Finals and was able to gather insights from players like David Beckham, Michael Owen, and Rio Ferdinand. He spent time interviewing Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Roy Keane. DC Freedman had access to football like no one else ever had before.

Fortunately, DC was able to share a lot of his insights with us on the podcast episode, but also fortunately, he was able to transform these experiences into a soccer novel series that has taken England by storm. Clubs, players, and organizations are using his soccer novel series to help fight literacy, one of DC’s biggest reasons for writing the book. It may be tough to get your child to read a typical novel, but now imagine asking your son or daughter, who is obsessed with the beautiful game, to read a book about a kid their age, working his way up the latter of youth to professional football. The series is an incredible read and can be consumed by parents just as much as by kids or young adults.

For more on the series, visit http://www.jamiejohnson.org

Or check out these links:

Jamie Johnson Website

Sports Illustrated Feature 

About the Jamie Johnson Series

The Campaign For Literacy

If you would like to get involved with the series, as detailed towards the end of the episode, please contact
DC Freedman – Dan@DanFreedman.co.uk or Jason Sisneros – jmsisneros@gmail.com

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