Jed Davies – using the ‘6’ to facilitate higher priorities from Episode 54 of the Podcast

The following images are from episode 54 of the Just Kickin’ It Podcast with Jed Davies which you can listen to below.


You can hear Jed describe the images below in episode 54 of the podcast from minute 9 until around minute 20.

Jed speaks clearly about the priorities of possession which are:

  1. Score
  2. Assist
  3. ‘Assist the assist’
  4. Play beyond and between the opposition defensive lines
  5. Create conditions for above
    1. Spread the opposition out horizontally
    2. Spread the opposition out vertically
    3. Pull opposition into flat line or find spaces behind where they are flat
  6. Switch into new angles (15+ yards) direct or indirect through others
  7. Retain possession and with every new pass we return to highest priority available
Jed Davies using y to bounce

Priority ‘6’ can be used to facilitate higher priorities

After the bounce Jed Davies

Movements after the bounce through #4


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