Episode #38 – Raffaele Pilla

Raffaele Pilla was a research scientist that worked at the University of South Florida looking at Ketogenic Diets and their therapeutic effects. He is currently a Pharmacist and Research Scientist in Italy. You can find him on Facebook and his e-mail address is raf.pilla@gmail.com

Show Notes:
1:16 – 4:04: How he met Dom D’Agostino and the beginnings of his research career looking at compressed gases in Navy SEALs
4:30 – 4:58: How a hyperbaric chamber mimics a real Navy SEAL dive
5:15 – 6:25: The beginning origins of why Navy SEAL divers had to dive deeper into waters and how they began to have seizures due to compressed oxygen
6:49 – 8:17: Atmospheric pressures in a deep dive Navy SEAL compared to walking on dry land
9:13 – 15:50: Discovery of 1921 John’s Hopkins Hospital study that showed the ketogenic diet as a cure for epileptic seizures. Story of friend Mike who got off medications for seizures and cured his epilepsy through ketogenic diet.
16:15 – 16:45: Raffaele’s favorite soccer team and how many times a week he plays the beautiful game
17:45 – 24:23: What happens to the human body following the ingestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Why the western diet doesn’t fit our evolutionary behaviors and why the over-ingestion of carbohydrates has led to western metabolic diseases and obesity
24:33 – 26:00: What is Ketosis?
26:15 – 31:28: How do we achieve a state of ketosis?
32:45 – 35:45: Ketogenic Diet Program in Rowers that set personal records on a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic and Low Carb diet with Norwegian Soccer team that won championship in state of Ketosis
36:15 – 39:45: Keto-Adaptation and Why a ketogenic diet works for athletes and soccer players
40:45 – 43:50: Sugar addiction and why eating sugar promotes eating more sugar
44:10 – 47:07: How long can you stay in a state of ketosis?
51:10 – 52:18: Once ketosis is achieved, how hard is it to maintain?
52:39 – 53:55: How do we measure how many millimolars we have?
54:07 – 57:30: How does fasting influence ketosis?
59:25 – 59:50: Where to contact Raffaele Pilla.

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