1. Hi Josh and Phil,

    I have had Raymond’s Conditioning book for 4-5 years. I haven’t thoroughly devoured it but have consulted it over the years. Having taken his WFA course this past weekend, I wonder if the book is still relevant to his way of thinking these days. I was listening to the 3Four3 blog with Raymond and he said the book was originally his thesis and it ended up being hallmark soccer conditioning book. But there’s no mention of periodization or much of what he talked about in the seminar.
    You’ve got a much stronger educational background in this sort of stuff. What is the value in the book that you feel you can still recommend it? And do you feel it’s still relevant to RV’s present course?


    Tom Gass


    1. Hello Tom,

      His original soccer conditioning is still well worth a read. He covers a lot of the foundations of football and the characteristics of the game in the book.

      However, his most influential work is found in one of his more recent books published in 2015 I believe called Football Periodization. That can be found on his website and is a must read if you have not read it. If you have read it, then soccer conditioning is a nice supplement. If you haven’t read it, then I would read that first


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